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Dead Body Transport Services by Air from Delhi - Aggarwal Ambulance

At Aggarwal Ambulance Dead Body Transport Services by Air from Delhi, we believe in serving the deceased to the best of our capabilities. When a death occurs, the family of the deceased need assistance, especially when it comes to the funeral proceedings and so on. But what is the dead body is in a different place, far from the family? For this we have provided our Dead Body Transport Services by Air from Delhi. This makes sure that the dead body is sent to the desired destination via air. Our dead body transport services by Air is a major service used in cases when a body needs to be sent to another location.

24 Hrs Dead Body Transport by Air - Aggarwal Ambulance Services

Dead Body Transport by Air While road transportation may take time, air transport is the best way to transport a dead body in the given time frame. Before we send the dead body, the body is preserved through the process of embalming. The body is chemically injected so that it stays preserved for the required duration. Since the air journey process may be time taking, embalming is done so that the body leads to no foul smell. If one doesn’t want to go through the process of embalming and there is a shorter distance, air transport can be used then as well. Dead Body Transport by Air is provided by us. The body is securely placed and taken to the plane by our team. All the formalities are done before the process begins so that the family members of the deceased face no trouble. The dead body transport by air is a great way to save time and make sure that the body reaches the destination timely and Dead Body Transport by Air. This can be done if the family of the deceased is in a different location; the funeral is to be conducted elsewhere, medical formalities and so on.